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The San Francisco IG Game

The San Francisco IG Game

When it comes to Instagram, San Franciscans have this photo sharing app down pat. There’s nothing better than discovering someone new to follow on IG – especially when their photos are of amazing locales, restaurants and more – all close to Summit 800.

(otherwise known as Lily Kaplan) is a food and lifestyle blogger and San Francisco native that puts local SF eats and culture on your screen.

lets you experience the life of a San Francisco ballet dancer through stunning imagery and short-form video.

has photography that’s nothing short of a dream. There really are no words to describe how breathtakingly beautiful her snaps are.

is a curated content site that lets users aggregate the account with their visions of SF.

is a true artist that captures a different side of San Francisco.

connects people with wildlife, and they’re definitely pulling it off with beautiful snapshots of their animal residents.

shows off the best of what this city has to offer!

uses both original and curated content to display some of the tastiest looking eats from the San Francisco Street Food Festival.

is letting you know what’s up and coming in design, music and fashion. This hotel’s IG account is on point.

will take you on a tour through the SF art scene right on your IG feed.

features curated content from users that tag their photos #AlwaysSF. We think this account deserves the hashtag #gorgeous.

also uses curated content to fill your feed. If you tag your images with #TheSanFrancisco, you may just see your work on their account.

is captures the city’s ultimate food, wine and spirits festival and shots of eateries from around town.

is Matt Saatchi – and he knows how to make San Francisco come alive through a photograph.

will make you drool! These curated and original images of the city’s top bites are nothing short of fabulous.

uses both photos and videos to illustrate what’s going on at their location in Golden Gate Park.

is the work of T. Malachi Dunworth and his artistic touch makes you want to jump right through your screen into his magical portrait paradise.

is Bi-Rite Market & Creamery and they’re creating a sense of community through photography and food!

brings more delicious eats to you – both on the streets of SF and on IG. Have you seen their truck around town?

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