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Best Farmers Markets in San Francisco

There are lots of places to buy organic in San Francisco. Nothing beats the feel of a Bay Area farmers’ market, though. More than any other major California metro, we value healthy food. In this city, local farmers can become famous. You don’t just go for the fresh produce, meat and eggs, either. Go for …

Best Day Hikes in San Francisco

Looking to take the air and get some exercise with a walk? This is one of the loveliest places on the planet, after all. The day hike is where it’s at, and the list below charts your course for five of the best day hikes in San Francisco.   Presidio Promenade   You really can’t …

Top 10 Burritos in San Francisco

The Top 10 Burrito Places in San Francisco In San Francisco, the state animal is not the bear – it’s the burrito. Sure, our food pantheon includes sourdough bread, chocolate and dim sum, but let’s be real. The burrito reigns above all. Its folded tortillas don’t just contain the usual spoonfuls of rice, beans and …