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Happy and Healthy Eating at Whole Foods!

Summit 800 close to Whole Foods Market

You’ll love being so close to restaurants, shops and more when you live at Summit 800 in San Francisco! Whole Foods Market is just a quick 10-minute drive from Summit 800 – and they even have a delivery service that brings your groceries right to your front door.

The natural and organic choices at the market are on the top of our list – and we think the salad bar is amazing! The Summit 800 sales office team goes to Whole Foods at least twice a week for lunch. And, even better, Whole Foods caters most of our events. It’s definitely a close amenity to have when you live on Summit Way.

You can find this Whole Foods Market at 1150 Ocean Ave in San Francisco. Happy shopping!

For more details, visit, call or come by our sales office at 71 Summit Way, San Francisco, CA 94132. See you at the top.